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Minitalk is a simple project that requires you to use unix signals to send over strings between 2 programs.
We can only use SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 and we can use the kill function to send them over


Add support for multiple clients at the same time


  • client pings server every 100 msecs, and only starts writing after receiving SIGUSR2 back
  • client sends \0 when done


  • server waits for a signal when pid = 1
  • when server receives signal it sets the pid to the sender pid
  • it keeps ignoring signals from other PIDs untill it received \0 from the current pid
  • after \0 is received pid is set back to 1


  1. Simply clone or download the repository
  2. Run make in the cloned directory
  3. Start the server with ./server in the cloned directory
  4. Open a second terminal in the same directory and run ./client [PID from server] ["Message in quotes"]



  • add valgrind to tester
  • check for -Wall -Werror -Wextra


  1. Download test.sh into your own minitalk directory
  2. Make the file executable chmod +x test.sh
  3. Run ./test.sh to start the test

This project is part of the studies at 42