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Fractol is a Fractal zoomer using the mlx library



auto zoom to current center.
Seperate Calculation from drawing so that color flowing can be controlled without recalculating
calulate and display fractal dimension?, count edge pixels at standard zoom?
option to display numbers of the numberplane?, if so how to shrink with zoom?
add an option to blend colors in a gradient
vector graphic fractols based on lines if possible?

Faster Rendering

multithreading, give every Y line to the next thread.
If both numbers get very close to zero it is definitely in the mandelbrot (mess up precision?)
Check if the last number is very close to the current number every 10 iterations, if so break, it is in the mandelbrot (mess up precision?)
Use Symmetric properties to draw the first line and last line at the same time (only helpful with very low zoom values else it only adds conditions.)
Somehow stop calculating if a new calculation is next in line
Edge Detection?


fractal getting out of aspect when wildly zooming in and out
CY and CX value wrong when the doubles are negative


  1. Simply clone or download the repository
  2. Run make in the cloned directory
  3. Start the server with ./fract-ol [FRACTAL] [ITERATIONS] [COLORSCHEME]

This project is part of the studies at 42